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Expedia, CBS, Viacom

Bloomberg |30/5/16

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The Guardian discovers quantum computers


Markets: Brazil coup applauded

CBC 26/09/16
China: Forbes list of top companies

Forbes. 26/05/16
Fools gold: Who needs ETFs?

Resource Investor. 26/11/15


Yahoo Inc. (YHOO.NASDAQ) is spinning off its AliBaba shares. What's next?
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80% return, sold Jan. '14

Re-bought Feb 4/'14 @$29.15

Apr 22/'16 cls: $37.48

Hewlett Packard HPQ.NYSE

93% return, sold Dec. '14

Blackberry Inc. BBRY.NASDAQ

12% return, sold Feb. '15

Tea with benefits

Lexaria Corp (LXRP.OTC) is making food from hemp, and it's legal
21/09/15 |Kb

Growing hemp in Canada

I always thought pot prince Marc Emery had a screw loose, and the hype over hemp was hippie propaganda.

Blackberry wants S. America back

CEO John Chen wants to get it back with Blackberry's mobile enterprise

The wrath of grapes

Greek debt debacle borders on criminal. But which are the bad guys?

Henry IV at Canossa

Problems mounting for gold miners

supply to diminish

Why you should buy physical gold NOW!

MGT Capital up 600% on cyber security assets

Security whiz John McAfee shifts MGT out of gaming


Lithum markets reflect Tesla demand.
ResourceInvestor | 08/10/15.

The great Internet porn op-out |
The Independent | 21/09/15.

UK Labour to create "People's Q-E"
The Guardian | 18/09/15


TECH | Samsung makes world's largest memory device.

CBC. 17/08/15
CHINA | The currency war demystified

Sputnik News. 18/08/15

EUROZONE | France is a mess.

The Guardian. 17/08/15

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