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Buying Canada's beat up minerals sector!

Uranium, rare earth minerals


March 2, 2015

From Uranium Investing News | Sector is verging on compelling supply/buy story

Uranium price stagnation is calm before the storm, says Cameco CEO

Hewlett Packard's brave new WiLan world: Vertical markets and manufacturing

March 3, 15 | Kevin Barker |

Post merger H-P is rearranging the deck chairs on the Wifi ship. Buy!

Everybody but Forbes is still trashing Yahoo (YHOO.NASDAQ), even as the stock continues to rise. What are they missing?

November 30, '14 |

Everybody hates Jerry Yang, but nobody can stop the incredible rise in the search engine's share valuations. Kevin Barker

D-Day for Blackberry (BBRY.NASDAQ). It's down to software. Will the wireless world embrace its EMM solution?

February 15, '15 |

Does Blackberry's wifi enterprise solution have a shot at the big time? Hell yeah!