I keep getting that Nader argument thrown at me, over my support for Jill Stein of the Green Party. I think it's completely fallacious. And I get it from people like Dan Savage who doesn't know his elbow from third base. Somebody should tell him it's still a free fucken country, to borrow one of his own expletives. It's been 15 years since Nader polled those two million plus votes, and presidential candidates still wake up in a cold sweat at night worrying about it. Well, now there are two to worry about: Nader and Stein. There was a third who fell under the bus, and his votes are up for grabs. Don't let the fifth column tell you they're not. Migawd, the hand wringing by the major parties over Nader's paltry 2 million votes! Imagine if it were 4 million, or twenty. You don't need to win to rule. Just ask Machiavelli...

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The Barkerletter on Peak Gold


80% return, sold Jan. '14

Re-bought Feb 4/'14 @$29.15

Apr 22/'16 cls: $37.48

Hewlett Packard HPQ.NYSE

93% return, sold Dec. '14

Blackberry Inc. BBRY.NASDAQ

12% return, sold Feb. '15



Single moving averages. Notice where silver price goes after the moving average lines cross on March 17.


Gold triple top (below). Gold breaks resistance at $1,300 on third try. Bullish!

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